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Opening Event for the Information Security Hub

“Securing the global future”

TWe would like to formally invite you to the official opening of the newly created Information Security Hub (ISH) on the premises of Munich Airport from 31st January to 1st February 2018! Be one of the first to view our practical training center and LAB that will train the next generation of security experts to help “securing the global future”, participate in hands-on hacking, hear talks on great topics and network with the Aviation and IT-Security community! This is a chance to meet key members of Flughafen München GmbH, together with other IT-Security experts who are working together to make the Information Security Hub a platform for networking between companies, training employees, and test-driving new technology.

What to expect

The opening event of the ISH campus will be our first of many IT Security events to be held in the new facility.

You can expect:

  • Two days of high quality presentations
  • To see the newly created LAB area for the future trainings
  • To enjoy some quality side events like our Aviation After Hours come together on the evening of the 31st January.
  • Meet & Network with Security Professionals

Who should particpate?

  • IT Security interested people
  • Administrators
  • CEOs
  • CISOs
  • Every day workers involved with IT aspects


In addition to our talks we will have a hacker space on-site for attendees to get their hands dirty with new and fun technology.

Day 1 - ISH Research & Strategy

Time 31. January 2018
09:00 Registration & Light Breakfast We open the ISH doors for the first time and welcome our guests with a light breakfast.
10:00 Official Opening Representatives of the management of Flughafen München GmbH as well as representatives from politics and business
  • T. Weyer: CEO of Flughafen Muenchen GmbH opens the InfoSec Hub Munich
  • A. Schönbohm: President of the German Bundesamt für...
  • 10:50 ISH Live Demonstration & Coffee Break ISH Team

    The speaker demonstrates live on the systems of the CSR how a training within the CSR feels like and which…

    11:30 Representatives of European and international institutions Short presentations from different representatives of European and international Institutionns
  • Collaboration and Airport Standards by D. Ryder (ACI)
  • Developping synergies and avoiding duplication in managing cybersecurity for aviation by...
  • 13:00 Lunch
    14:00 Five Defensive Measures to Improve the Cyber Security of European Air Traffic Management Prof. Chris Johnson, Glasgow University

    There is a growing realisation that state-sponsored agencies around the globe are developing offensive cyber security (OC) techniques – this…

    15:00 OT&IT Roadmap: Joint approach for Information Security Michael Zaddach, CIO Münchener Flughafen GmbH/ Elke Eckstein, Münchener Flughafen GmbH

    New communication technologies enable networks of complex, distributed systems (IoT). However, these technologies not only affect “classic” IT components but…

    15:30 Break
    16:00 Fit for Cyber Security- Sustainable Security Awareness Frank von Stetten, HvS-Consulting

    In this talk we will cover the psychological aspect of security awareness: changing behavior. Topics to be covered are the…

    17:00 Closing Procedure
    17:15 Aviation After Hours Join us for some drinks and socializing!

    Day 2 - ISH Tech Track

    Time 01. February 2018
    08:00 Registration & Light Breakfast We open the ISH doors and welcome our guests with a light breakfast.
    09:00 Opening Keynote Enno Rey
    10:00 Break
    10:30 Blockchain of Things Matthias Jugel, ubirch GmbH

    With a growing IoT economy ever more companies will build their business on top of IoT data. In this talk…

    11:30 Cyber Security Range Live Demonstration iT-CUBE SYSTEMS AG

    The speaker demonstrates live on the systems of the CSR how a training within the CSR feels like and which…

    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Cyber Simulation Training – Technology & Background Andreas Günther, iT-CUBE SYSTEMS AG

    The referent explains the technological base of the Cyber Simulation Range and gives a first insight into the upcoming analyst…

    13:30 ISMS in critical infrastructure organizations Michael Hochenrieder, HvS-Consulting

    In this talk attendees will understand the challenges of an information security management system based on ISO 270xx and EN…

    14:30 Break
    15:00 Opportunities and Challenges of setting up a SOC Andreas Mertz, Founder & CEO of iT-CUBE SYSTEMS AG

    You will get to know about opportunities and challenges of setting up a Security Operation Center. Plus you will get…

    16:00 Closing Procedure ISH Partners


    How to get to the ISH Campus?

    Address: Südallee 1 85326 Munich, Germany
    Phone: +49 (0)89 975 32275

    Mit dem Auto- von der A92/München

    Orientieren Sie sich an der Beschilderung “Frachtgebaude” unde verlassen Sie die Autobahn. Folgen Sie der Straße nach rechts, Sie überqueren auf der Brücke die S-Bahn Linie. Biegen Sie bei der nächsten Möglichkeitne rechts ab un folgen dem Straßenverlauf über eine langgezogene Rechtsverurve. Fogen Sie der Straße weiterhin bis Sie links abbiegen können. Biegen Sie links ab. Zu Ihrer Rechten erreichen Sie die “Luftpostleitstelle”.

    By car - from the A92 / Munich

    Follow the signs “Frachtgebaude” and leave the motorway. Follow the road to the right and cross the S-Bahn line on the bridge. At the next opportunity, turn right and follow the road over a long right turn. Continue to follow the street until you can turn left. Turn left. On your right you will reach the “Luftpostleitstelle”.

    Mit der S-Bahn / dem Flugzeug

    Steigen Sie in die S-Bahn-Linie S8 oder S1 und fahren Sie bis zum “Besucherpark”. Verlassen Sie in die S-Bahn-Station in Richtung Flight- Operations-Center (FOC/Lufthanasa) und folgen Sie am Ende der Treppen nach unten der Straße zu Ihrer Linken bis zum Ende der “Frachtgebäide”. Gehen Sie weiter gerade aus und folgen Sie der Straße nach rechts. Am Ende dieser Straße erreichen Sie die “Luftpostleitstelle”.

    By S-Bahn / airplane

    Get on the S-Bahn line S8 or S1 and drive to the “Besucherpark”. Exit the S-Bahn station towards the Flight-Operations-Center (FOC / Lufthanasa) and at the bottom of the stairs, follow the road to the left to the end of the “Frachtgebäide”. Continue straight ahead and follow the road to the right. At the end of this street you reach the “Luftpostleitstelle”.

    Are events and trainings in English or in German?

    Since we want to provide the best trainings and events for “Securing the Global future” we offer our programs in both English and German. You can tell which language the training or event is in by which flag icon is listed next to the title. A British flag for English or the German flag for Deutsch.

    Where can I check my ticket order?

    You can always check or make changes to your ticket order by using the link in the email you received after you completed your booking. If you don’t have this link anymore, you can request a new mail through our ticketshop.

    What hotels are in the area?

    While there are a wide range of hotels around the airport we have personally stay at both the Hilton and Hotel Novotel, and find them to be very nice and accommodating.

    Hilton Munich Airport

    Address: Terminalstraße Mitte 20, 85356 München-Flughafen
    Phone: +49 (0)89 97820

    Hotel Novotel

    Address: Nordallee 29, 85356 München Phone: +49 (0)89 9705130

    I have further questions and would like to speak to someone in person, who do I call?

    Yes, you can email us at or call us at +49 89 975 32275. We are fluent in English or German.